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Hello and welcome to Binary Today Review. I am Ralph Housley and I’m going to share with you all of my experiences, whether they are good or bad.

This website is dedicated to multiple aspects of binary
options trading but the most important element is the truth.

Recent Ratings (client feedback)

by Charith on Binary Today 5
Still winning in 2020

I'm using BT5 every day still and winning consistently.

I've been with the company for 3 years now and it's the only binary options software I trust for 5 minute trading opportunities.

Quick and EASY.

by DibDab on Binary Today 5
All I Do Is WIN

Great product.

Meets and exceeds all of my expectations on a daily basis.

Support is also very responsive, which is a plus!

by BINFX on Binary Today 5
Everything I've ever wanted

Binary Today 5 is a perfect trading tool. It took me less than 10 minutes to set it up, and start getting winning signals.

The signals tell you exactly what to do. That way you can't make any mistakes, and as a new trader that suits me perfectly.

Thanks to this software, I've been able to win over 81% of my trades since I signed up 6 months ago. I've made over $16,000 on my live account, to date.

by Janet on IndicaTrader
2 Weeks In

I am two weeks in with the IndicaTrader system and I'm pleasantly surprised. Usually Forex indicators are complicated and require manual trading knowledge, but this one is really easy to use.

The members area is helpful, and I've emailed back and forth with the support team on a few occasions as well, and they've responded fast.

This is looking more and more like a product that I will be using for many years.

by Yanni on IndicaTrader
Works effectively

I am a long-term Forex trader, with over 10 years of experience in the market. I purchase 20-30 systems every year to see if there's anything substantial that can help me win more trades.

Out of the 20-30, usually only 1-2 meet my expectations and stick around.

IndicaTrader is the only system in the past year that's helped me grow my accounts, and I'm very thankful for that.

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The binary options market is a very difficult market to navigate. New traders are constantly bombarded with get rich quick schemes and the amount of trustworthy traders are minimized on a daily basis.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to figure out who can be trusted with affiliate marketers scouring the internet for suckers.

Bad Wrap

I noticed that my favorite blog Binary Today and blogger John Kane was starting to get a really bad wrap from some of the other binary options blogs. It’s clear that many of the blogs in this market will attack everything that they aren’t associated with to generate traffic.

This is causing a major problem.

The marketers are aren’t traders are winning the battle. They are ranking higher and filling the search engines with bad information. I can find hundreds of negative reviews about John Kane and Binary Today from people that have never even traded his software. This pains me because John has helped me quit my job and turn to trading full time and I’m worried that other traders will never have this opportunity because they are following the advice of the wrong people.

The Purpose

The reason I put together this blog is to tell traders that Binary Today is the #1 binary options website on the market. It is run by actual traders and not marketers.

John Kane always tells me that eventually everyone ends up as a Binary Today member because they get tired of all the get rich quick schemes. Yet, this isn’t enough for me. I don’t want traders to fail using the crappy automated binary options systems before they see the light.

Start with Binary Today and you’ll never have any heart-break or sorrow.

I’m Ralph Housley and this is the Binary Today Review.

Bringing The Heat

I hope you’ve noticed that I’ve started to really make some great additions to the Binary Today Review web-site. I’ve added full review functionality and I’ve added a few products for everyone to review.

All you have to do is click on the review and then go to the “create your own review” button. This will drop down a menu and allow clients to leave a rating out of 5 stars, and explain their experiences with the product.

I believe that this is going to really help move this community forward and help us all develop as binary options traders. Knowing that we are all on the same side is the first step to truly finding the right system.

What many people don’t understand is that each trader has his/her own trading style. So, there will be products that work for you that don’t work for others. Having reviews from all sorts of different traders helps us understand what type of system works best.

That’s it for today guys, I’ll be adding more to this main Binary Today Review page as we continue to grow!

IndicaTrader Client Reviews

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IndicaTrader is a Forex Indicator and Expert Advisor software that gives traders effective trade alerts. It utilizes an advanced stochastic based backbone that is shifting the market perception. It is compatible with MT4, MT5, and is one of the only indicators on the market with live trading results. For traders looking for an edge in 2020 and beyond, this no-repaint indicator is a must add to a trader’s arsenal.

This is the future of Forex indicators, now.

Binary Today 5 | Client Reviews

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Binary Today 5 is the best 5 minute binary options signal software on the market. This software has over 800 active clients, and provides frequent high quality trading signals for the 5 minute expiry time.  The system works on all currency pairs, all binary brokers, in all countries, all trading sessions and can be used by beginners & experts.

Live Discussion

Inform the community of your experiences, your feedback is important!

Binary Strategy Software Review – Spirit Valor Signals

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After so many binary scam launches, here is a legitimate product, Binary Strategy Software. We are going to give you a detailed Review and state why its not a scam. The system is already trending and winning profits for many traders. If you haven’t checked then you should read this review to know more.

The Software is not a money minting machine that pulls you in with claims of an overnight success, it is rather a community of traders who will help you get the maximum profit from your trades. The app is working in the principal of helping each other to gain from binary options and catch winning signals.

What is Binary Strategy?

This trading Software is a binary options signal software that alerts you when profitable signals are available. The exceptional feature it has is, the system is combined with a live interactive members area where traders can discuss & make comments of opening trades provided by the Binary Strategy Software indicators, much like Binary Today 5. Matt Warren is a binary investor from the United States who offers traders a chance to join his private group of online investors and assist each other on becoming better & independent traders. If you’re a newcomer to binary options, the starting process for a correct path can be extremely overwhelming and as a result, many fall into scamming traps because they lack proper guidance. Matt is among the very few within the industry who provides a solution for many people to not only profit with binary options, but also offers informative avenues where one can ask for assistance, interact with real traders, and also learn how to make substantial amounts of money in the process.

The APP Software, like the name says provide a platform of instant and honest talks with fellow traders to help you with your earnings. It’s an auto trader combined with a chain or network of traders at Binary Today to help you trade binary profitably. But does it really do all that it says?

Why Binary Strategy Software is NOT A SCAM

Lets go ahead and list the facts that help the Binary Strategy App to stand out in the market.

Fact 1: No false promises of overnight success!

Many quick wealth company claim to have designed and support software that promises an extensive earning using online trading schemes. It gives huge numbers and big promises of profit. This Binary options system does not. It does not lure you with testimonials or reviews claiming to make you a millionaire.

Fact2: No claims of 97% winning signals.

The app shows a manageable success of 80% – 89% and Matt says that one can earn up to $2000/day, we can confirm that its not a scam as the numbers are pretty reachable and realistic. Let me explain further, why the software is not a scam, or fraud but just a circle of traders ready to help you around! More facts coming!

Fact 3: Well informed website

Unlike other counterparts the Software Reviews signals has a well informed website with proper information of support and disclaimer. The website does not lures you into the dream of making easy money rather tells you it will just help you grow your income with helping each other.

Fact 4: No Fiverr actors!

Binary Strategy official website does not hold any reviews featuring any fiverr actors like many of the scam do and hence gives a positive signal to showcase that it is a real venture.

Fact 5: The presence of a chat platform!

No one will be stupid enough to give you an app where you can chat with your fellow traders and see how is it going for them. They will not risk the presence of a platform where you can crib about how you were fooled by them and in turn bring down their business. This is one of the most exceptional features of the Binary Strategy App software. You have more guarantee to become profitable here cause you will be assisted with many fellow traders and a mentor.

Fact 6: Endorsed by Forbes and TechCrunch

Unlike other automated scam software this system has been talked about Forbes and TechCrunch and it is enough to signal that it means some serious stuff and not some dreamy promise.

Fact 7: Del Exo the brain behind can be verified to be a real trader

After looking at multiple websites or apps which do not have any founder, it’s a relief to see the founder is quite real for Binary Strategy software and his secret group of traders area actually making money!

Fact 8: Proper tutorial and installation of the system.

Voila! Here we have a  Software system that pretty much gives you tutorial on everything, and a live chat system to support you every time you encounter a problem while trading. So you can lead hoe to work with the system and hence it can be claimed to be real enough to give a try.

We were a bit skeptical when we got introduced to it, but the live chat support alone made our mind to trust it. Wouldn’t it be much easier if a group of experienced traders are always there to help you out?! The scam news aren’t real for sure.

Binary Strategy Review Conclusion – Software is NOT A SCAM!

The big point to note is not everyone is going to cross a mark of $2k per day in trading because it varies with everyone. The reason is you must put deposit amount and spend time trading with the capital to make bigger profits or else you will push yourself in the back seat. The process of trading binary with Binary Strategy scam will be a lot easier as there is a great group of well experienced traders to help you all the time. I have been highlighting this feature a couple of times, you know why? Its really a great help when there are live people to help you each every time you place a trade. Its almost like an auto trader robot but greater or greatest accuracy, cause those signals are send to you by humans. I wish there was a group of traders to help me when I started binary trading. I wouldn’t have lost any money in my earlier days! Sigh!

I literally like the concept of the software because it’s simple to use and you don’t have to spend days learning how it works. You can check other reviews in the internet and I’m pretty sure every trader or reviewer might have highlighted the live chat feature. I guess this type of trading with spoon feeding is actually going to profit you in no time. Let me confirm it again, this software is not a scam, you can definitely go for it.


Picking A Broker By Binary Today

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Finding the right binary options broker, so here is a guide by Binary Today on how to pick the right broker, how much you should be risking per trade, and a couple strategies as well.

This is a great place for you to start.

Choosing The Right Platform Or Broker

Choosing the right platform or broker for your trades is an important factor in reducing your risk of losing money. Whilst there are many platforms to chose from, you should be aware that they are not all the same and don’t all offer the same features and benefits.

One benefit that is important to consider is whether or not the platform or broker you choose gives you back a percentage of your trade when it loses. There are a variety of offers out there and they usually average between 10% and 15%, but you should be aware that this benefit may be offered because the return on winning trades is slightly less than those brokers that don’t offer this benefit.

Therefore, you need to decide for yourself which type of platform is more beneficial to you depending on the level of your trading skills. At Binary Today, it is recommended to start small and build from a low deposit level. This way you get your footing with very little risk.

How Much To Risk On Each Trade?

Another important strategy to consider is not to get carried away and invest too much of your account in one trade. With binary option trading, especially on the Forex market, you can open an account with a broker for a small amount of money, generally around $250. This means that if you see a good opportunity in a trend, it is all too easy to risk a big sum only to find the trend suddenly changes and you’ve lost the lot.

Therefore, a good strategy to adopt is to only invest small amounts in each trade, relative to the amount you started with and to build up your account balance gradually with your winning trades. For example, if you opened your account with $200, then only enter trades with $10 to $20. If you opened your account with $1000, then trades of $50 to $100 can be entered.

Some of the brokers at Binary Today provide traders with the option of trading very small. As small as 10-25 cents per trade. This is a great way to learn while still in the live trading environment.

The reason for using a strategy like this is because no one can have winning trades 100% of the time, so you must be prepared to lose some of your trades. You should adopt this method until you feel confident that you know what you’re doing.

The Double Profit Strategy

In the Forex market, for example, if you have noticed over the past few hours that the trend of a currency pair that you’ve been studying is neutral (neither climbing very high nor falling very low), then to profit with this strategy you would enter a trade at both the high and low ends of the trend.

Place put-trade at the top of the trend just as it peaks then, when the trend falls, place call-trade at the bottom of the trend. Providing that the price fluctuates between these two points during the time period of your trade, then you will win both trades. Double profit. However, if the trend went outside one of these parameters, then you would still win on one of the trades and so, limit your loss.

For example, if you placed a $50 put-trade and a $50 call-trade and both stayed within the parameters then you would earn $70 plus your $100 ($170). However, if one trade went outside the parameters, then all you would lose is $15. In other words, you will have invested $100 and won $85.

On the other hand, if you were wise enough to have chosen a platform like binary today that pays you even on a losing trade, then you will have reduced your risk of loss even more.

Taking the example above, if your platform paid you 15% for a losing trade, then on top of the $85 you won, you would also get 15% of the $50 that you lost ($7.50), making a winning total of $92.50 and a loss of only $7.50.

Binary Options Trading Strategies – Trend Lines

The Trend Reversal Strategy

If you see a trend going in a particular direction, whether it be up or down, and you’re concerned that the trend may change direction within the time period of your trade, then this strategy will help you to break even. To employ this strategy, however, you will need to be watching the trade carefully and be ready to act very quickly.

Say, for example, you entered a call-trade (say $50) as the trend was rising and as it rose you felt confident in placing a second call-trade, then this second trade should be less than the first (say $40). If, again, you felt confident that the rise would continue and decided to enter a third call-trade then, again, this third trade should be less than the second (say $30). The reason for reducing the amount that you invest is to limit the risk of loss should the trend suddenly change downward during the period of your trade.

If the trend did, then, suddenly turn, in order to limit the loss you would need to be ready to enter a put-trade for the total value of all your trades, in this example $120, as the trend hits the level at which you entered the first trade. In doing this, as soon as the trend nears the first trade then you will have limited your loss to just 15% or $18.

Even if your platform doesn’t give you anything for a losing trade, with this strategy your loss would only be $36.

Do What The Professionals Do

One of the least risky strategies to use is to copy a professional trader, like John Kane at Binary Today as he trades Live. There are some traders on the internet that allow you to watch while they place trades, with the intention that you should copy them and learn from them.

Should You Trust Binary Options Signals?

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I’m frequently asked questions from the readers here at Binary Today Review, and one of the most common is, should I use binary options signals? So today I’m going to address this head on, and let you know if you can trust signals or not.

By now, if you’ve been in the investing and trading world for any length of time you’ve likely heard about binary options trading. It’s one of the most popular and fastest growing types of investing that you can choose to focus your attention on, largely because it offers short expiry times, easy to understand trading mechanics, and an all or nothing system of investing either you make money or lose your investment.

Within the binary options trading world are plenty of different tools, techniques, and methods that you can use to improve your chances of finding success with it. Good old fashioned research and using your judgment as to what an asset will do is the key, of course, but adding something like binary options signals to your toolbox can help you get even better results from your trading.

Of course, binary options signals aren’t something you can just start using immediately without any knowledge of. Taking some time to learn a bit more about them is well worth doing. There are plenty of signal providers and services out there, but the first step is knowing the basics.

The Basics Of Binary Options Signals

Binary options signals are just what they sound like signals sent to you that alert you to potential trading moves that could lead you to positive results. The entire idea is simply to let the binary options signals provider handle the analysis of the market and different assets for you so that you don’t have to deal with this time-consuming, stressful, and sometimes confusing process.

Once that the provider gathers the information and makes a determination about the best opportunities currently available in the marketplace, they’ll send you an alert. This is usually in the form of an email or a text message alert, and may be done in different formats such as:

  • Daily Signals – These are sent once daily and will expire once the market closes on an asset.
  • Short Term Signals – These can expire within an hour or even within 5 minutes or less. They are generally set up to work automatically so you don’t even perform manual trades and are usually called auto traders.
  • Long Term Signals – While binary options are generally traded at a fast pace, some signals may be sent with a longer goal in mind a weekly or even monthly option. This is rare, however, and most signals are sent in one of the other two formats. Once you receive the binary options signals you will be able to decide whether or not the info is trustworthy enough for you to act or if it fits your current needs. In the case of auto traders, your trade may be placed automatically and results sent to you upon the expiry of the option. You could technically end up earning money before you ever even check your messages through these systems.

Binary Today Signal Software

Here at Binary Today Review I stick to binary options software that provide signals.

I have full client reviews of each of these, and they help me make the right decisions with my trades.

How Do They Gather Their Info?

When you trade binary options, you’re watching things like trends and behaviors. These trends are essentially patterns within the statistical and financial data of a particular asset, and good binary traders spot these trends and use them to their advantage.

The big problem is that this takes time and energy two things in short supply these days. When you let a signal service handle the job for you, they watch for trends and alert you when an asset is dipping low and is likely to bounce back upwards, letting you make a trade that will lead to a profit.

Is Free Worth It?

Run a quick search for binary options signals and you’ll end up with plenty of promises of free signals. Its important to remember that free doesn’t always translate to entirely free. Usually you’ll be asked to set up an account of some kind or go through a trial period first before being charged for the signals. Other accounts may offer you free signals in return for you using the brokerage for your trading.

Free signals can be very worthwhile, especially if they’re coming from the brokerage that you’re working with. Its important not to feel like you need to pay out of pocket just to get these signals since there are so many other options out there offering you free ones.

With that said, be sure to avoid potential scams. Only use trusted signal sources that you have taken the time to verify for yourself. Some scammers are out there offering great signals that are really barely even worth looking at.


Essentially, binary options signals are something that anyone taking binary options trading seriously should consider. They can help simplify the entire process for you in a major way and even lead to you finding potential trades you would have missed. They’re not foolproof, but they’re one more tool to add to your kit when you’re working towards being a better trader.

Binary Introduction: HighLow Brokerage

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Are looking in for a fulfilling profession? The best choice is to become a binary options trader. This profession would not leave you with any regrets at all. You would be able to make a decent income sitting at home. You can work at your comfort and your convenience and this makes this platform an incredible selection. Binary options trading is a tricky profession and you need to master the art of trading right. There are many aspects that would make your trading profession a success and we would focus on all these aspects so that you learn the real secret to trading right.

Binary Basics, Overview

Binary options are popularly known as the exotic options. It is very easy to comprehend the functioning of binary options. Binary options are very simple to trade once you grasp the basic concept. Most traders prefer to opt for the high-low option. The best thing about high-low option is that it helps to generate a fixed return. The high-low option has an expiry time and date. If the trader is able to wager the correct market direction and price at the time of expiry then this makes it easier to get a fixed return.

When the trader wagers incorrectly then he will definitely experience a loss. When you want to become a trader you would have to invest a lot of time educating yourself regarding this field. Remember when you lack knowledge you are bound to experience a loss and this is something that no trader would want. The basic trading mechanism is that when a trader feels that the market will experience an increase in the market price then a call option is to be purchased. When the trader feels that the market would experience a decline in the market prices then a put option is to be purchased.

Picking The Right Broker – HighLow Option

Now most traders need assistance when they have to trade. The best approach in this regard is to seek the assistance of a professional trading platform for binary options trading. There is massive competition amongst the trading platforms so it becomes a challenge to choose the best trading platform. Binary Today helps traders find the right broker, and that’s how I found my favorite.

HighLow is one of the best trading platforms and you would definitely benefit by selecting this platform for trading. HighLow is one of the top brokers because it has been quick to adapt to the technology. It operates using the new Spot Option. The platform requires you to make a reasonable deposit of about $250. You will get a secure trading future once you use this platform for trading. This platform offers a lavish payout of about 85 percent. HighLow is even available to the US traders. This binary options trading platform is bliss for the traders because it offers 24/7 live chat. This means that whenever you have a question you can raise it to the customer support and you would get the answers to all your queries in no time.

This platform offers 18 currencies, 63 stocks, 40 indices and 8 commodities. You can make your payments using the credit card or wire transfer. Usually it takes one to three business days for payment withdrawal. The best incentive is that this platform encourages you to trade even when you cannot invest a huge capital. For example, you can place a 60 seconds trade with a minimum amount of $5. If you want to invest in any other trade you just need about $25.

The platform has a large number of trading options including double up, rollover, one touch binary options, 60 seconds and lately the platform has also introduced the 2 minute trading option. If you feel that you might experience a loss you can make use of the sell early option as well. The platform also offers an advanced colour chart for your assistance. HighLow gives a 100 percent welcome bonus when you make a deposit to this platform and your investment is definitely secure.

Compatible Trading Systems with HighLow

I use many different systems with HL.

Using Broker Education Properly

Now when you want to earn a decent amount through binary options trading you have to use the education center of the broker in a very smart way. For example, if you opt for HighLow it offers loads of video tutorials. Make it a point to watch these tutorials again and again. It is always better to list down the important points. This way you can take care of all these things when you trade. Remember educational reading material related to binary options is also of immense value. It would take you sometime, but the effort is worth it and you would definitely benefit in the end. Never become too ambitious when you are trading binary options. It would take some time for you to acquire your command, but eventually you will develop your hold.

There are other essential aspects as well when you trade binary options. Keep yourself well versed with the market analysis. The more you know the market the better you would be able to trade. It is obvious that you would make some mistakes in the beginning, but you need to learn from your mistakes. Focus on where you went wrong when you traded the last time. Develop a professional approach towards binary options trading and things would get easy with every passing day. Remember binary options can give you a consistent income once you become a skilled trader.

Start your day with new enthusiasm. Register with the best binary options trading platform. Explore the platform. Use the demo account because it would give you the opportunity to get the feel of real life trading. Allow binary options trading to become your passion. When you would trade with passion you would definitely be able to excel all the way. Take you first step and become a successful trader in the field of trading. Learn from your journey and you would be pleased with the results coming your way and signup with HighLow.

Binary Today Trades With John Kane

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Well, how is everyone doing today? Winning some trades I hope.

Today I’m just going to do a short write up about Binary Today, and my mentor John Kane.

The binary options market isn’t easy, no trading market is. People that tell you it’s a snap of the fingers to be successful, aren’t telling you the right thing. Those are the people you should stay away from, because they are probably the same people that are promising some sort of holy grail.

What you need, or at least what I need, is someone who is real with me. I’m a grown man, who understands the difficulties of life. There’s nothing worse than someone handling you with kid gloves and telling you that everything is going to work out in the end. Some say that’s the problem with the millienals, their parents were just too easy on them. That’s not what I’m here to discuss today though, and I’m sure just bringing it up will cause some sort of a debate. Yet, going off topic a bit, I will say that I don’t blame the millenials, I blame those who were in charge of raising them.

Binary Today Raised ME

We can bring this back to binary options trading real quickly. Binary Today, and John Kane have essentially raised me as a trader. This community, and this expert trader haven’t been easy on me. They’ve told me when it gets tough, and helped me understand binary options strategy so that I don’t fall on my face over and over again. Trust me though, I’ve fallen on my face quite a few times trading. Sadly, it’s all part of the experience.

However, if every time I fell on my face I was told that it’s easy and not to worry, then I wouldn’t grow. Instead, John Kane gave me tough love, many times in fact. I emailed him over and over again, blaming Binary Today for my own short comings.


Despite how much I annoyed him, he kept responding and telling me to keep trading and learning. He told me to learn alongside the system. Pay attention to which trades won, and which trades lost, and why.

I didn’t want to do it, but reluctantly, I did. I felt like I had no choice because John kept pushing me to achieve.

Slowly but surely my ITM% started to increase, and my tone changed in my emails to John Kane about Binary Today. So much so, that well, you know, I created Binary Today Review.

The Podcast

One of the things that really got me through the hard times of trading was listening to John Kane’s Binary Today Podcast. There’s quite a few ways you can listen to it, and I recommend it fully for everything it did for me. So, check out these links and pick out your favorite way to listen:

What else did I see lately before I go?

Oh, the CrunchBase profile is also pretty cool, so check that out too.

Binary Today Trader | Client Reviews

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Binary Today Trader is a binary options trading service that provides traders with 30 minute and 1 hour signals. The software is also capable of producing 15 minute signals but these are used less frequently by the binary options community. All trades are provided via MT4 and can be access in your email and phone.

Live Discussion

Inform the community of your experiences, your feedback is important!

Binary IQ | Client Reviews

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Binary IQ is a binary options signal software. It provides traders with trades for 5 minute and 30 minute expiry times. The software works in conjunction with MT4 for free. Signals are provided in all trading sessions and is compatible with all trading brokerages. Traders do not have to register with a new broker for access.

Live Discussion

Inform the community of your experiences, your feedback is important!