Binary Today Trades With John Kane

Well, how is everyone doing today? Winning some trades I hope.

Today I’m just going to do a short write up about Binary Today, and my mentor John Kane.

The binary options market isn’t easy, no trading market is. People that tell you it’s a snap of the fingers to be successful, aren’t telling you the right thing. Those are the people you should stay away from, because they are probably the same people that are promising some sort of holy grail.

What you need, or at least what I need, is someone who is real with me. I’m a grown man, who understands the difficulties of life. There’s nothing worse than someone handling you with kid gloves and telling you that everything is going to work out in the end. Some say that’s the problem with the millienals, their parents were just too easy on them. That’s not what I’m here to discuss today though, and I’m sure just bringing it up will cause some sort of a debate. Yet, going off topic a bit, I will say that I don’t blame the millenials, I blame those who were in charge of raising them.

Binary Today Raised ME

We can bring this back to binary options trading real quickly. Binary Today, and John Kane have essentially raised me as a trader. This community, and this expert trader haven’t been easy on me. They’ve told me when it gets tough, and helped me understand binary options strategy so that I don’t fall on my face over and over again. Trust me though, I’ve fallen on my face quite a few times trading. Sadly, it’s all part of the experience.

However, if every time I fell on my face I was told that it’s easy and not to worry, then I wouldn’t grow. Instead, John Kane gave me tough love, many times in fact. I emailed him over and over again, blaming Binary Today for my own short comings.


Despite how much I annoyed him, he kept responding and telling me to keep trading and learning. He told me to learn alongside the system. Pay attention to which trades won, and which trades lost, and why.

I didn’t want to do it, but reluctantly, I did. I felt like I had no choice because John kept pushing me to achieve.

Slowly but surely my ITM% started to increase, and my tone changed in my emails to John Kane about Binary Today. So much so, that well, you know, I created Binary Today Review.

The Podcast

One of the things that really got me through the hard times of trading was listening to John Kane’s Binary Today Podcast. There’s quite a few ways you can listen to it, and I recommend it fully for everything it did for me. So, check out these links and pick out your favorite way to listen:

What else did I see lately before I go?

Oh, the CrunchBase profile is also pretty cool, so check that out too.

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