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Should You Trust Binary Options Signals?

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I’m frequently asked questions from the readers here at Binary Today Review, and one of the most common is, should I use binary options signals? So today I’m going to address this head on, and let you know if you can trust signals or not.

By now, if you’ve been in the investing and trading world for any length of time you’ve likely heard about binary options trading. It’s one of the most popular and fastest growing types of investing that you can choose to focus your attention on, largely because it offers short expiry times, easy to understand trading mechanics, and an all or nothing system of investing either you make money or lose your investment.

Within theĀ binary options tradingĀ world are plenty of different tools, techniques, and methods that you can use to improve your chances of finding success with it. Good old fashioned research and using your judgment as to what an asset will do is the key, of course, but adding something like binary options signals to your toolbox can help you get even better results from your trading.

Of course, binary options signals aren’t something you can just start using immediately without any knowledge of. Taking some time to learn a bit more about them is well worth doing. There are plenty of signal providers and services out there, but the first step is knowing the basics.

The Basics Of Binary Options Signals

Binary options signals are just what they sound like signals sent to you that alert you to potential trading moves that could lead you to positive results. The entire idea is simply to let the binary options signals provider handle the analysis of the market and different assets for you so that you don’t have to deal with this time-consuming, stressful, and sometimes confusing process.

Once that the provider gathers the information and makes a determination about the best opportunities currently available in the marketplace, they’ll send you an alert. This is usually in the form of an email or a text message alert, and may be done in different formats such as:

  • Daily Signals – These are sent once daily and will expire once the market closes on an asset.
  • Short Term Signals – These can expire within an hour or even within 5 minutes or less. They are generally set up to work automatically so you don’t even perform manual trades and are usually called auto traders.
  • Long Term Signals – While binary options are generally traded at a fast pace, some signals may be sent with a longer goal in mind a weekly or even monthly option. This is rare, however, and most signals are sent in one of the other two formats. Once you receive the binary options signals you will be able to decide whether or not the info is trustworthy enough for you to act or if it fits your current needs. In the case of auto traders, your trade may be placed automatically and results sent to you upon the expiry of the option. You could technically end up earning money before you ever even check your messages through these systems.

Binary Today Signal Software

Here at Binary Today Review I stick to binary options software that provide signals.

I have full client reviews of each of these, and they help me make the right decisions with my trades.

How Do They Gather Their Info?

When you trade binary options, you’re watching things like trends and behaviors. These trends are essentially patterns within the statistical and financial data of a particular asset, and good binary traders spot these trends and use them to their advantage.

The big problem is that this takes time and energy two things in short supply these days. When you let a signal service handle the job for you, they watch for trends and alert you when an asset is dipping low and is likely to bounce back upwards, letting you make a trade that will lead to a profit.

Is Free Worth It?

Run a quick search for binary options signals and you’ll end up with plenty of promises of free signals. Its important to remember that free doesn’t always translate to entirely free. Usually you’ll be asked to set up an account of some kind or go through a trial period first before being charged for the signals. Other accounts may offer you free signals in return for you using the brokerage for your trading.

Free signals can be very worthwhile, especially if they’re coming from the brokerage that you’re working with. Its important not to feel like you need to pay out of pocket just to get these signals since there are so many other options out there offering you free ones.

With that said, be sure to avoid potential scams. Only use trusted signal sources that you have taken the time to verify for yourself. Some scammers are out there offering great signals that are really barely even worth looking at.


Essentially, binary options signals are something that anyone taking binary options trading seriously should consider. They can help simplify the entire process for you in a major way and even lead to you finding potential trades you would have missed. They’re not foolproof, but they’re one more tool to add to your kit when you’re working towards being a better trader.